Courses in World Missions

WM 501 Missions and the Glory of God:  This course demonstrates the God-centered basis for missions and the advancement of the gospel to all peoples. Missions is essentially the spread of the glory of God to all peoples. It seeks to focus upon God’s passion for His own glory and how it is the basis of missions. In addition, it defends the biblical case for the reality of hell and that Christ is the sole Savior of all people. (3 credit hours)

WM 502 Church Planting and the Spread of God’s Glory to All Peoples:  This study presents the biblical basis for the spread of God’s glory to all peoples as prophesied in Genesis 12:13 and Isaiah 49:8, mandated in Matthew 28:18- 20, and consummated in Revelation 5:8-14. It will also examine the role of preaching and prayer in missions. In addition, missions as envisioned by Christ and the apostles will also be given special emphasis. Finally, the biblical priority and the principles for church planting will be considered. (3 credit hours) Prerequisite: WM 501

WM 701 Missions: International Teaching Opportunities:  Students will participate in overseas missions trips to teach, preach, and train local pastors and leaders. Stress is placed on supporting local church pastors in training and equipping leaders. (4 credit hours) Prerequisite: WM 501