Women's Ministries

Program Description:

The Women’s Ministries program is designed to produce a graduate who has developed her understanding of the all sufficiency of Christ for Christian ministry, their spiritual gifts and their abilities for ministry to women within the local church and other Christian para-church settings.  The program is designed to prepare the graduate to understand and communicate the scriptures within the world around her, particularly in a ministry context, in a manner that demonstrates the glory of Christ and dependence upon the Spirit to live for, and enjoy, Christ.

Program Outcomes: 

Upon completion of the Women’s Ministries program, the graduate will:

  • Skillfully communicate the glories of Christ from the scriptures in a clear and compelling manner.
  • Interpret women’s ministry in light of the dynamics and life responsibilities of marriage and motherhood.
  • Be able to articulate in writing, and operate upon the basis of, a clear Christ-centered, Spirit dependent, and scriptural philosophy of ministry to women within the church.
  • Be able to discern the needs of women at various stages of life and offer practical biblical counsel for those needs.
  • Be able to structure and organize a ministry to women in all stages of life within a local church setting.

Future Ministry Possibilities:

Graduates of the women’s ministry program will serve within local church and/or Para-church organizations, whether volunteer, or occupational ministry positions, such as director of women's ministry, campus staff workers, or crisis ministry.

Program Course Requirements:

  • Biblical Interpretation III (3)
  • The Exegetical Process (3)
  • Theology and Philosophy of Women’s Ministry (4)
  • Message Preparation for Teaching Women (3)
  • Women’s Ministry, Marriage and Motherhood (3)
  • Women Counseling Women (4)
  • Contemporary Strategies for Ministry to Women (3)
  • Event Planning (2)
  • Women’s Ministry Internship (2)