Welcome!  The Cornerstone Seminary extends a warm welcome to all applicants and prospective students who seek thorough training in the Holy Scriptures for the sake of vocational ministry.  The Cornerstone Seminary is unique in many ways. 

What Makes The Cornerstone Seminary Unique?

The exaltation of Christ:  For pastors, merely doling out Bible facts is inadequate.  Exegesis, exposition and application of Scripture must ultimately spotlight, exalt and glorify the risen Christ.  Every Scripture, every sermon, every song and every communicative act must have as its deliberate and ultimate aim the uplifting of the Son of God.  He is the ultimate object of all worship (“that at the Name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those who are in heaven, and on earth, and under the earth,” Philippians 2:10) and He Himself must “come to have first place in everything” (Colossians 1:18).  The Cornerstone Seminary aims to produce men whose sole passion is to worship Christ in everything, and to lead the people under their care in doing the same.  Our goal is to train Cornerstone Seminary graduates to be God-glorifying, Christ-centered, Scripture-saturated, Spirit-filled men who shepherd the people of God in the exaltation of Christ with wisdom and care.

Pastors who train pastors:  When it comes to training, like produces like.  Only pastors can fully train other pastors. One who has never pastored a church is limited in equipping men for vital functions which they have never performed.  At The Cornerstone Seminary, pastor-professors give men the knowledge and equipping they need to become successful pastor-teachers. In an era where many pastors have given up training their own, and have handed that responsibility over to seminars, agencies and other outside institutions, The Cornerstone Seminary seeks to produce pastors who can reproduce themselves in the church.  The pastor-professors of The Cornerstone Seminary train laypeople for ministry in their own churches, and train prospective pastors for vocational ministry at the seminary level.

Grounding in the original languages:  The Word of God enables a man to accomplish for Christ.  It makes God’s servants, “adequate, equipped for every good work” (2 Timothy 3:17).  Its full power comes from the ability to handle the Bible in the original languages. Martin Luther wrote:

And let us be sure of this: we will not long preserve the Gospel without the languages . . . for as soon as the languages declined to the vanishing point, after the Apostolic Age, the Gospel and faith and Christianity itself declined more and more . . . on the other hand, now that the languages have been revived, they are bringing with them so bright a light and accomplishing such great things that the whole world stands amazed and has to acknowledge that we have the Gospel just as pure and undefiled as the Apostles had it, that it has been wholly restored to its original purity, far beyond what it was in the days of St. Jerome and St. Augustine (“To the Councilmen of All Cities in Germany that they establish and maintain Christian schools”).

A worldwide scope: The Cornerstone Seminary is one of the few conservative, evangelical seminaries in the almost 9-million-person San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland statistical area.  The Cornerstone Seminary seeks first to impact this large and unconverted region for Christ by training men to populate local pulpits, build up and plant local churches, strengthen existing ministries and propagate new ones.  However, The Cornerstone Seminary also has a worldwide vision, and Cornerstone graduates and affiliates are currently ministering on every populated continent in the world.

             We welcome you in our pursuit of the glory of Christ,

             Tony Sanelli

             Board Chairman of the Cornerstone Bible College and Seminary