Welcome!  The Cornerstone Seminary extends a warm welcome to all applicants and prospective students who seek thorough training in the word of God for the sake of vocational ministry. 

Why Choose The Cornerstone Seminary?

The Spirit-Empowered Exaltation of Christ and the Glory of God: The central thread of our curriculum and instruction is Christ’s supremacy and sufficiency for his people. Further, Jesus Christ cannot be known apart from his trinitarian role and relations to the Father and Holy Spirit. Students will learn how to study Scripture, craft sermons, and conduct their shepherding ministry with the goal of making Christ and his gospel known. We desire to prepare men who will pursue the glory of the Triune God above all things and give their attention to careful Christ-centered exposition of Scripture.       

Pastors Training Pastors: Our mission is to train competent pastors for a lifetime of faithful service to Christ and his church. In order to fulfill this mission, we believe that skilled pastor-theologians should be the ones providing such training. The majority of history’s most enduring theologians were churchmen and because of this reality, all of our professors are theologically-equipped men with significant experience in church ministry. Therefore, each professor brings a valuable and unique blend of academic rigor and pastoral wisdom to the classroom, providing students with a well-rounded theological education.    

Commitment to Biblical Inerrancy: At a time when Christian institutions are either abandoning their past commitment to inerrancy or neglecting to make inerrancy a theological distinctive, we believe inerrancy should be cherished and emphasized. A robust commitment to the doctrine of inerrancy will empower a man to preach the Scripture with boldness, counsel the word of God with confidence, and withstand spiritual attack, personal temptation, and doctrinal compromise as he serves Christ in pastoral ministry. In all of our training, we seek to instill in our men a deep love for and unwavering trust in the word of God. 

Grounding in the Original Languages: Our commitment to the inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture naturally leads us to prize the study of Scripture in its original languages. Students will be thoroughly trained in Hebrew and Greek and therefore equipped to preach and teach the whole of Scripture with conviction, precision, and theological clarity.  

A Global Impact: The Cornerstone Bible College and Seminary is centrally located in the hub of the San Francisco Bay Area. We recognize that due to our location, much of the world is presently coming to us, and therefore see our location as a stewardship for worldwide gospel impact. We seek to train men to preach and pastor in the churches of the greater San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California, and beyond. Because Christ is the only hope for all humanity and the gospel of Christ is designed to reach all peoples irrespective of culture, we are convinced that our students need to cultivate a passion for local and global missions. 

We welcome you in our pursuit of the glory of Christ,

Ryan L. Rippee

President of the Cornerstone Bible College and Seminary