Model of Training

The TCBS faculty is comprised of pastors, elders, and missionaries. These men delight in training pastors, elders, missionaries, and church leaders.  This is the model in Scripture and most of church history. In Scripture there is no example except training other gifted individuals for ministry (e.g., 2 Timothy 2:2; Acts 13:1-5; Jesus and His disciples; Paul and his missionary companions [Timothy and the leaders at Ephesus, Acts 20:1-38]).

TCBS training entails a comprehensive, introductory knowledge of Scripture and church history.  Professors seek to ground students in knowledge of the great doctrines of the faith. These doctrines have gripped men in the past who were greatly used of God. Professors also seek to expose students to the great men, epochs, and doctrinal controversies in church history that help to give a right perspective on issues and controversies in today’s church.  In addition, recognizing that doctrinal knowledge alone is not the end and goal, our aim is to prepare individuals who are driven by a love for Christ in dependence on the power of the Spirit for their lives and ministries. These qualities are fostered under the godly influence of the fruitful, handpicked pastor-professors who have modeled and are modeling such qualities in their ministries before their students.