The Primary Purpose

The Cornerstone Seminary exists to raise up preachers who have a passion for the glory of Christ and the spread of His glory to all peoples. In order to accomplish this purpose, the school seeks to fulfill the following objectives:

  • To provide academically rigorous theological and ministerial education with a spiritual focus
  • To focus on the exegesis of Scripture from the original languages in order to prepare men to be expository preachers
  • To expose students to historical models of God-blessed ministry which were centered on preaching and missions (e.g. Jonathan Edwards, Charles H. Spurgeon, etc.)
  • To ground men in the great doctrines of Scripture including those commonly known as the doctrines of grace
  • To inculcate men with the importance of their call to lovingly shepherd God’s people
  • To primarily staff the seminary with men who have demonstrated effectiveness in preaching and pastoral ministry, so that they may provide models of effective Christ-centered ministry
  • To partner with churches to equip men gripped with the Church's mission to plant churches and send church planters locally, regionally, and globally.

The above objectives are designed to provide students with training that balances the pursuit of theological depth together with a practical focus on a love for Christ and people. This balance fuels and permeates effective preaching and ministry. The preacher is taught to pursue theological and doctrinal integrity, because knowledge of Scripture and doctrine is necessary for a healthy church. It is important, however, to view theological training, not as an end in itself, but rather as a means of advancing the kingdom of God and glorifying Christ in the world. Therefore, students are taught to pursue a spiritual ministry characterized by a love for Christ and a passion for spreading His glory. The school seeks to avoid the two extremes of a nonintellectual, theologically weak ministry that is all heart and no head, and a scholastic, over-intellectualized love of learning that is all head and no heart. In short, it seeks to produce men whose love for Christ is manifested in a commitment to the truth of Scripture, a love for people, and a passion to preach Christ in order to make disciples of all nations.