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    Pastor Gary McCammon, West Union Southern Baptist Church, West Union, Ohio

    Pastor Gary Johnson, Common Ground Church, Lake Elmo, Minnesota

    Pastor Rich Hubert, Paynesville Evangelical Free Church, Paynesville, Minnesota

    Pastor Ryan Helms, New Zion Baptist Church, Bonifay, Florida

    Connie Florida, Grace Covenant Baptist Church, Flemington, New Jersey

      What a great encouragement and help the recent Conference on Evangelism has been to our church! Jim's teaching sets forth an approach to evangelism that exalts God and His redemptive order in the Scriptures, as well as a compassionate understanding of the lostness of man. This is not a new program but a restatement of the Spirit-sanctioned process of bringing the Gospel of God to men.

      Pastor Gary McCammon
      West Union Southern Baptist Church
      West Union, Ohio

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      We had Jim Odens come out and do a wonderful conference on evangelism for our church on a Friday and Saturday. I can tell you that everybody who participated in that conference came away saying, ďThat was one of the best ever!Ē I know it was one of the best Iíve ever been to for evangelistic outreach and training of that sort.

      Pastor Gary Johnson
      Common Ground Church
      Lake Elmo, Minnesota

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      Itís been our privilege as a congregation to host Pastor Jimís conference, and weíve become very excited, very enthusiastic about the opportunities that he has presented to us in reaching people in ways that we have never thought of before. Jesusí mandate to all of us is clear, ďGo into all the world and make disciples.Ē But how do you do that? I believe Pastor Jim presents a very viable, very feasible way for the church to walk out the doors and into the lost community.

      I want to challenge you today, pastor, layman, to think seriously about allowing Pastor Jim to help you discover God in your congregation and to use this method that God has ordained to equip your saints for reaching out in this world.

      Pastor Rich Hubert
      Paynesville Evangelical Free Church
      Paynesville, Minnesota

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      How refreshing it is to be taught that evangelism is a by-product of following Jesus! New Zion found Jim Odens to be a gifted preacher who is able to present Bible truth in a manner that all were able to understand it. This conference confronted some of our misunderstandings about evangelism and was meticulously practical. I wish all believers were able to experience this life-changing conference, so that modern-day evangelism might rediscover the biblical model of proclaiming all of Godís excellencies to the lost.

      Pastor Ryan Helms
      New Zion Baptist Church
      Bonifay, Florida

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      Thank you for coming to Flemington, NJ. You have certainly re-aligned the thinking of those of us who attended. May God continue to bless you and your ministry in reaching the lost.

      Connie Florida
      Grace Covenant Baptist Church
      Flemington, New Jersey

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