Courses in Systematic Theology

ST 501 Bibliology:  A study of the doctrine of the Scriptures which highlights verbal/plenary inspiration, divine revelation, supernatural illumination, as well as the supreme authority of the Scripture. The sufficiency of Scripture will be underscored as Christ’s all-sufficient means, in conjunction with the Holy Spirit, for the salvation and sanctification of His people. (4 credit hours)

ST 502 The Triune God and Theology Proper:  An examination of the doctrine of God with a special focus on His essence, attributes, and nature. The Scriptural evidence and proof of the Trinity will be considered in detail, including the economic relationship to creation. (4 credit hours) Prerequisite: ST 501

ST 504 Christology: The Supremacy and Sufficiency of Christ:  A detailed investigation into the doctrine of Christ. Emphasis is placed upon His preexistence, incarnation, hypostatic union, earthly life, and present work. His atonement and cross work is given special consideration. This course also gives attention to the reality of Christ’s all-sufficiency as a central feature of the glory of His Person. (4 credit hours) Prerequisite: ST 501 & ST 502

ST 601 Pneumatology: The Spirit’s Person, Power, Presence, and Provision:  A thorough study of the person and work of the Holy Spirit in the Old and New Testaments. Special emphasis will be given to the issues of the Spirit’s personality and deity, position in the Trinity, Spirit baptism and fullness, and His Christ exalting work in revelation, evangelism, regeneration, preaching, and sanctification. The issue of cessationism vs. continuationism will be examined in light of current trends along with an exposition of relevant Scripture passages. (4 credit hours) Prerequisite: ST 504

ST 602 Harmartiology and Soteriology:  A biblical analysis of sin and salvation. It deals with the fall of man and its consequences, especially total depravity. It also deals with election, calling, regeneration, conversion, the nature of saving faith, free justification, assurance, and adoption. (4 credit hours) Prerequisite: ST 601

ST 603 The Christian Life: Sanctification and Personal Holiness:  This course involves a careful textual study of the biblical concept of growing in the grace and knowledge of the person and work of our Lord Jesus Christ. Students will learn to identify and evaluate the different views of sanctification prominent in various communities. The emphasis presented in this course for the Christian life and growth is how God motivates and enables us to pursue holiness by His grace. Specific lectures articulate how the Gospel of Christ applies to all areas of life and ministry. (3 credit hours) Prerequisite: ST 602

ST 604 Ecclesiology:  This course is a study in the origin, nature, organization, and function of the church. Special prominence is given to its government, its officers, its discipline, and its ordinances. (4 credit hours) Prerequisite: ST 602

ST 605 Seminar in Applied Ecclesiology:  A study of key issues related to the doctrine of the church with special attention given to developing a biblical philosophy of ministry and critiquing the American Church Growth movement. (2 credit hours)

ST 701 Anthropology & Angelology:  A careful look at the doctrines of man, angels, demons, and Satan. It also looks at Satanic activity in light of biblical spiritual warfare. (4 credit hours)

ST 702 Eschatology:  A careful presentation of future events as they are unveiled in the Bible. The relationship of Israel, the Gentiles, and the Church as their roles in these future events are examined. Specific issues such as the Rapture of the church and the Millennium are examined in depth. (4 credit hours) Prerequisite: ST 701

ST 703 Theology of Worship:  A study of the Bible’s teaching concerning worship. Beginning with an overview of how the current Christian worship community sees itself, a theological survey is conducted leading the student to a biblical view and definition of this subject, resulting in a proper application of it in the pastor’s personal life and ministry. (3 credit hours) Prerequisite: ST 501

ST 704 Apologetics:  A biblical and theological presentation of apologetics from a systematic exegetical approach to develop a practical apologetic methodology. Various dominant apologetic viewpoints will be evaluated with emphasis given to the presuppositional approach. (2 credit hours) Prerequisite: ST 604

ST 705 Ethics:  A treatment of the theory and practice of biblical ethics with a view to moral decision-making methodologies. Key ethical passages of the Bible will be examined and primary ethical issues in society will be evaluated. (2 credit hours) Prerequisite: ST 604

ST 706 Biblical Manhood and Womanhood:  An examination of the biblical roles of men and women. It will have specific instruction in the areas of relationships, authority, purity, discernment, provision for family, and leadership in the home and church. (2 credit hours) Prerequisite: ST 501

ST 707 The New Perspective and Pauline Justification:  A fresh look at the biblical doctrine of justification in order to provide a defense against recent attacks prevalent in modern evangelical writings. The history of such departures from truth will be surveyed and present-day “new perspective” theologians will be evaluated. A strengthened restatement of the doctrine of justification will be provided. (2 credit hours) Prerequisite: ST 604

ST 708 The Law and the Gospel:  A study of the Old Testament Law, its New Testament modification, fulfillment in Christ, relationship to the gospel, and proper use in the life and ministry of the New Testament believer. Key texts bearing on the issue will be examined. (2 credit hours) Prerequisite: ST 604

ST 709 The Theology and Practice of Prayer:  An analysis of the biblical teaching concerning prayer designed to impact the student regarding the pastoral responsibility to stay devoted to and dependent upon God, as well as intercede on behalf of the flock. Issues related to the sovereignty of God, human responsibility, and the role of the Holy Spirit in prayer will be examined. (2 credit hours) Prerequisite: ST 501

ST 710 The Miraculous Sign Gifts:  A study of the biblical teaching of the purpose and function of the miraculous sign gifts. The cessation of the sign gifts in relation to the uniqueness of Apostolic ministry is studied, as well as the gifts of prophesy and tongues. The need to seek a biblical balance that recognizes both the centrality of the Word of God and the role of the Spirit in effecting the affections and emotions is emphasized. (2 credit hours) Prerequisite: ST 604

ST 799 Research in Theology:  Each student is required to complete a guided independent study in an area of theology. This course allows the student to accomplish deeper investigation into a special problem or area of doctrine. The course must be designed by and pursued under the supervision of a faculty member and must be approved in writing by the Academic Dean. Information regarding requirements, procedures, and grading is available from the Academic Dean’s office. (2 credit hours) Prerequisites: Must have completed two years of seminary (at least 70 credit hours) and must have taken the theology course that would serve as the foundation to the area he desires to study.