Student Life

Student Code of Conduct

In understanding the deep responsibility The Cornerstone Seminary has to the Kingdom of God in training men for its leadership, we expect that students model Christ-centered conduct and biblical conviction. Although the Seminary will not directly monitor the private actions of its students, it is expected that each student understand his deep accountability before God, the Word of God, the faculty, and other students. We desire to have an atmosphere where Christ is exalted in the public and private activities of all faculty members, administrators, employees, and students. Here are some examples of what The Cornerstone Seminary community considers important for appropriate conduct:

  • A concern for the conscience of others in things pertaining to liberty

  • A willingness to humbly submit to faculty and one another in love

  • A faithful commitment to ministry in a local church

  • An above reproach character with one’s family

  • An avoidance of all forms of dishonesty, lying, plagiarism, cheating, failure to meet financial obligations, irresponsibility with employment, and all manner of immoral (illicit and illegal) behavior.


A one hour chapel service is held every other Wednesday to provide a worship opportunity and exposure to various pastors and missionaries. These services provide teaching particularly geared to challenging and encouraging students in their pastoral calling. Full-time students are required to attend all chapels. Chapel exemptions must be approved by the Academic Dean.

Priscilla Fellowship: Seminary Wives

The seminary provides a time of fellowship quarterly for the wives of seminary students to fellowship with one another as well as wives of the faculty. Faculty wives provide teaching and interaction over various issues related to the pastoral ministry. The program provides encouragement in devotion to Christ, personal growth, responsibilities in the home, and church ministry. 

Dress Code

Students are encouraged to dress comfortably. However, as a reasonable standard of dress TCBS has adopted a “business casual” dress code. This is defined as shirt with collar, long slacks (not jeans), and casual or dress shoes (no sneakers, no open toe sandals or beach shoes).


The TCBS shares the campus of Community Bible Church. Classes are held in Building B which also contains a library, restrooms and administrative offices. Chapel services are held in the Multi-Use Room in Building B.