Registration Deadlines

Students currently enrolled are required to register during designated times; those who do not are assessed a Late Registration Fee. Faculty Advisors are available to assist students to plan their academic program. Students are required to meet with their Faculty Advisor before registering.

Course Load

Students who enroll in 12 or more credit hours are defined as full-time students.

Adding, Dropping, and Withdrawing or Changing Credit Status

Students may petition to add a course for credit, withdraw from a course, or change their status in a course within the first week of the term (or within the first two meetings of a winterim or other modular course) by completing the appropriate form, available in the Registrar’s Office. Students may withdraw from a course without academic penalty in the 1st through the 5th weeks of a full quarter course (or three-fifths of the meetings, excluding final exams, of modular courses). Such students will receive a W (Withdrawal). Students who withdraw in the 6th to the 9th week, will receive a WF (Withdrew Failing) but may petition the faculty in writing to change the grade to W. Petitions must include the grounds that would justify the grade change. Students who withdraw from a course after the 9th week will receive a grade of F (Fail).

Cancellation of Courses

The Cornerstone Seminary reserves the right to cancel any course during a given term due to insufficient enrollment.

Withdrawal From the Seminary

To withdraw from the Seminary, a student must submit a completed withdrawal form to the Registrar after completing an exit interview with the Academic Dean and taking care of all financial obligations with the Financial Administrator. Refund information is in the Financial Information section.