Program Description: 

The Pre-Seminary program is designed to produce a graduate who understands and applies a clear exegetical process with a view to interpreting, explaining, and applying the Word of God to His people with commitment to Christ-centered, Spirit-dependent, exposition of Scripture.

Program Outcomes: 

Upon graduating from the Pre-Seminary program the graduate will:

  • Be able to interpret Scripture taking into account both the general and special hermeneutical issues within any given context of Scripture.
  • Be able to employ the original languages of Greek and Hebrew in the exegetical process.
  • Be able to relate exegetical conclusions to appropriate theological implications.
  • Be able to shepherd his own heart, and that of others, by the light of Scripture before Christ by the strength that Christ Himself supplies.

Future Ministry Possibilities:

This degree prepares graduates with foundational skills necessary for an effective Christ-centered, Spirit dependent preaching and teaching ministry within the local church, or within para-church organizations.  This foundation will serve the graduate well for an advanced Seminary degree. Volunteer and ministry positions of service would include, Pastor, Elder, Author, Professor, Scholar, Missionary, and Administrator (overseer).

Program Course Requirements:

  • Biblical Interpretation III (3)
  • Elementary Greek I (2)
  • Elementary Greek II (2)
  • Elementary Greek III (2)
  • Intermediate Greek I Greek Exegesis I (4)
  • Elementary Hebrew I (4)
  • Elementary Hebrew II (4)
  • Theology of Preaching (3)
  • Message Preparation (3)