Courses in Pastoral Training

PT 501 Leadership:  An examination of the calling, character, spiritual disciplines, purposes, goals, and priorities of the pastor in the local church. The personal life of the pastor, his relationship to God, and his relationships with the flock and other leaders are investigated in light of Scripture. (3 credit hours)

PT 502 Marriage and Family:  A study of the Bible’s teaching regarding the marriage and family relationships. This course provides the student with teaching on the purpose, plan, and permanence of marriage, the roles of husbands and wives; and the biblical principles governing communication, sexuality, intimacy, stewardship, parenting, and the relationship between the church and the home. (3 credit hours)

PT 601 The Theology and Practice of Counseling:  The goal of this course is to prepare students to equip the saints for their ministries by laying a foundation for counseling from the scriptures. The term counsel will be defined from the scriptures. Second, a theological counseling foundation will be built squarely on the sufficiency of Scripture and the person and work of Christ. Third, students are alerted to the dangers of secular and humanistic psychology and its inability to solve the problems of the soul. Fourth, the counseling methods of Jesus and Paul are studied. Last, the student is provided with an environment to discuss biblical counseling and the presuppositions that are distinct to biblical counseling (4 credit hours each) Prerequisite: ST 501

PT 602 Problems and Procedures in Biblical Counseling:  The goal of this course is to prepare the student for real life counseling situations. The following topics will be covered from a biblical reference: Idols of the heart, ADHD, Marriage, Re-Marriage and Divorce, Anger, Rebellion, Fear, Worry, Spiritual Depression, Suffering, and Crisis Counseling. A portion of this course will be used to expose the student to the misuse and abuse of drugs to treat the following problems in children and adults: spiritual depression, anger, fear, and ADHD. (3 credit hours) Prerequisite PT 601

PT 701 The Theology of Christ-Centered Expository Preaching in the Power of the Spirit:  This class will investigate the biblical case for Christ-centered Spirit-empowered expository preaching. (3 credit hours) Prerequisite: BL 503, BL 603, & ST 602

PT 702 Preparation for Preaching: Preparing and Delivering an Expository Sermon:  This is a practical study of the issues involved in the preparation for the delivery of an expository sermon. This class applies information acquired in PT 701 to the development of sermon outlines and manuscripts from which the student begins to develop a personal preaching style. (3 credit hours) Prerequisite: PT 701

PT 703 The Practice of Preaching:  In this course, faculty members work interactively with students in the development of their preaching competency. Special attention is given to sermon form, transitions, and application as well as the student’s presentation and articulation of the Biblical message. (2 credit hours) Prerequisite: PT 702

PT 705 Discipleship:  This course examines the Lord’s method of building His church through “making disciples.” Studies the biblical basis for ministries of discipleship, leadership training, and home fellowship groups. Each student will develop a biblical philosophy of discipleship with special application to his own local church context. (2 credit hours)

PT 706 Home Fellowship Group Internship:  Provides hands on experience in discipleship, teaching & pastoral care in the local church. The student will minister under the supervision of a leader in his home church if possible (2 credit hours)

PT 707 Counseling Practicum:  The student will participate in counseling sessions under the direction of faculty. Students will apply biblical counseling principles and specific texts to specific counseling situations. (2 credit hours) Prerequisite: PT 602

PT 708 Weddings and Funerals:  Students will participate in the planning, preparation, and administration (when able) of weddings and funerals. (2 credit hours)

PT 709 Ordination Practicum:  A class designed to facilitate proper evaluation and preparation of a candidate for ordination into the pastoral ministry of a local church. Focus will be placed upon spiritual disciplines, moral qualifications, Bible knowledge, wisdom, theological understanding, and practical ministry. (2 credit hours)

PT 710 Christian Education:  An introduction to various ways to carry out the task of teaching the flock. A biblical basis for Christian education will be presented. Various ministries, such as Sunday School, small groups, Bible studies, children’s programs, discipleship, leadership development, Bible Institutes, family ministries, etc., will be discussed. (2 credit hours)

PT 711 Church Planting:  Evaluates church planting methodologies of various organizations and individuals. It provides a biblical model for proceeding and years of wisdom drawn from guest church planters. (2 credit hours)

PT 712 The Church, the Law, and Government:  A course designed to lay the foundation for making moral and legal decisions regarding the relationship of the church to the state. The responsibilities of the local church and individual Christians to government will be biblically defined. Various legal issues facing church leadership will be addressed. (2 credit hours) Prerequisite: ST 501