The Cornerstone Bible College and Seminary (TCBS) enjoys a rich history of faithful men, one of whom was its late President Steve Fernandez (1948-2013).  In the LORD’s providence, Steve Fernandez was involved in beginning The Grace School of Theology and Ministry in the 1970’s.  Approximately 27 years later, the Cornerstone Seminary was started when the LORD gave Pastor Steve Fernandez, a church planter and then Pastor of Community Bible Church in Vallejo, the faith, vision, courage, and conviction to step out and begin the work.  By God’s grace, the hearts of many other mighty, gifted, and called men, had been prepared to come alongside, undergird the vision, and bring it to fruition.  To this day, those men, among many others,  have succeeded Steve Fernandez and continue to carry the torch of our distinctives.  These men are Board members, professors, missionaries from around the world and pastors of local churches who also choose to send the saints of their congregations and their Timothys to be trained at what has become this one unified ministry, The Cornerstone Bible College and Seminary.