Global Master of Divinity

TCBS is partnering together with independent theological seminaries abroad to offer a Global M.Div.  In line with the TCBS ministry mission, this new program will serve to train 21st century ministers of the Gospel who are globally-minded, Biblically-committed, Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered expositors and internationally experienced shepherds who will think deeply about Christ while relating all of life back to Him for the edification of His people and the salvation of souls worldwide.

This program will meet the needs of next generation pastors who will more and more be given to shepherding ethnically diverse local bodies within the USA.  In a globalized environment, the LORD’s shepherds need to be anchored in Biblically defined ministry parameters that cut across cultures while leading the flock of God in the impacting and influencing of their community as salt and light for His glory.  The Global M.Div. will prepare men for exactly this.  It combines the theological and exegetical disciplines of the highest quality with unique international cross-pollination opportunities in local churches of other cultures to polish budding shepherds and crystalize ministry effectiveness. 

Student Benefits

  • Students will gain ministry experience in another country as they immediately get linked into internship roles within local churches during repeated short-term durations of their stay while remaining plugged into their local church at home.
  • Students will gain exposure to another culture while completing M.Div. units that actually credit toward their TCBS degree in the United States.
  • Student will gain lasting international ministry relationships to carry with them into their new ministry, at home, or abroad.
  • Students will gain ministry distinctives of two solid theological institutions resulting in becoming well-rounded ministers of the Gospel.
  • Students will gain the added value of an M.Div. that is truly global in ministry and life perspectives.

Professor Benefits

  • Professors from either institution will be able to deliver for-credit courses as modules between both schools.
  • Professors will be able to cross-pollinate with one another as they share ministry distinctives and gain an understanding of the partner ministry through mutual on-campus visits and activities.
  • Professors will be able to co-labor in joint research and ministry projects for the benefit of students within both seminaries.
  • Professors will be able to partner local churches with one another’s ministries and students across cultures.

Over-all Institutional Benefits

  • Each seminary will enjoy a larger presence in the world as they demonstrate the link between ministries through publications, internet, shared conferences, etc.
  • Each seminary will enjoy the added-value of creating an innovative and truly global program of study, yet not sacrificing the face-time distinctive so important to the discipleship process.
  • Each seminary will enjoy the relationship development of administration and staff that is collaborative in nature in the sharing of ideas and strengthening of each ministry.

Upon graduation, students who have completed Global M.Div courses at partnering institutions will have their diploma authenticated by both the partnering institution and TCBS as a reflection of the global nature of each graduate’s training.

Partnering Seminaries

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