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Following Jesus

    Following Jesus Jesus’ call to His disciples was a clear summons to come after Him with the goal of becoming like Him. As He put it, “Everyone, after he has been fully trained, will be like his teacher” (Luke 6:40).

    The Discipler’s Role

    That makes part of our responsibility in discipling others obvious—we must show them who Jesus is and teach them what Jesus did and said. That is the only way believers, new and old, can be taught to follow Jesus.

    The Purpose of Following Jesus

    This is the purpose of Following Jesus, a discipleship study of key events and teachings from the life of Jesus as found in the gospel of Luke. As believers see Jesus act and hear Him teach, they can understand more what it means to follow Him.

    The Design of Following Jesus

    Following Jesus is designed to help you do what Jesus commanded in Matthew 28:19-20—"Make disciples . . . teaching them to keep all that I commanded you." With 13 lessons, this study may be used with ease and effectiveness in both formal (discipleship class, Sunday school class) and informal (home discipleship groups) settings.

    Follow-up to Discovering God

    Following Jesus is especially effective as a follow-up study to Discovering God, the evangelistic Bible study also produced by PAGE Ministries that gives people a context for understanding the gospel. For those who have gone through Discovering God and have become familiar with the theocentric, chronological approach, Following Jesus will be a natural “next step.”

    God-Centered and Chronological

    Like Discovering God, Following Jesus is blatantly God-centered and covers the events in Jesus’ life and ministry chronologically. This study is firmly grounded in Scripture, as it takes the learners verse-by-verse through selected passages in Luke. Old Testament background to Jesus’ words and actions is frequently provided, helping believers see the unity of God’s plan as it is fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

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