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Financial Arrangements for a Conference

    We strive to provide the maximum benefit possible with the minimum expense to churches. Our conferences are designed to be affordable for churches of all sizes. The following financial arrangements have been established in order to have a minimal budgetary impact on churches, while at the same time enabling PAGE Ministries to continue ministering to churches in the future.

    Conference cost = Expenses + Base Fee + Registration Fees


    • Travel for the conference speaker

    • Meals and lodging for the conference speaker (he is willing to stay and eat in homes)

    • Promotional materials (if provided by PAGE Ministries)

    Base Fee

      Average Sunday
      A.M. Attendance
      Base Fee Minimum Number of Paid Registrants
      50 or less $100 15
      100 or less $150 20
      200 or less $300 40
      300 or less $400 50
      400 or less $500 75
      401 or more $750 100

    Registration Fees

      Classification Fee Items Received
      Individual $30 Lighting The Way To God
      Conference Booklet
      Leader's Guide
      Married Couple $50 Above materials
      Additional Conference Booklet
      Learner's Workbook
      Youth (grades 9-12) accompanied by parent(s) $15 Conference Booklet
      Learner's Workbook
      Children (Up to 9th Grade) $0 None

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