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Discovering God


    Bryan Curtis, Campus Ambassadors, State University of New York—Albany

    Pastor Ryan Helms, New Zion Baptist Church, Bonifay, Florida

    David Sulack, President - Transforming Ministry, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Pastor Cecil Smith, Sovereign Joy Fellowship, Minneapolis, Minnesota

      This study is excellent!

      Bryan Curtis
      Campus Ambassadors
      State University of New York—Albany

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      The Discovering God study wonderfully places God’s glory as the purpose of everything we do in the Christian life.

      Pastor Ryan Helms
      New Zion Baptist Church
      Bonifay, Florida

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      This proven tool is unique because of its focus on turning and directing people’s thinking to understand God and His purposes in the unfolding plan of redemption in Scripture. I have look at many tools that describe the chronological development of Scripture’s gospel story and have found none that compare to this effective tool. The great distinction is the clear portrayal of God and His purposes rather than a focus on the detail of the lives of the people and circumstances in the narrative. I believe this is the key.

      I have used this tool and have observed Jim Odens use this tool with adults who were seekers of truth. This tool leads unsaved people to the point of understanding God and their need to respond to the gift of His Son for eternal life. People develop deep convictions on Jesus’ reason for coming to earth to pay the debt for their sin. They see God in His glory, holiness and love, and when they respond they are responding to their LORD. It builds a strong, God-centered foundation for people to build on as they grow into mature disciples. The Leader’s Guide and Learner’s Workbook give one tools that God can use significantly to reach all types of people from any background.

      David Sulack
      President, Transforming Ministry
      Minneapolis, Minnesota

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      I want to share my excitement about the Discovering God study and how God has been using the study within our fellowship to reach out and begin the ministry of discipleship among our unbelieving friends and family members and co-workers. We have had a burning desire to disciple people through the Word and for people to see and understand all of God’s plans and purposes and for God to reveal His glory to them. The Discovering God study just captures so much of that for us.

      Pastor Cecil Smith
      Sovereign Joy Fellowship
      Minneapolis, Minnesota

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