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Discovering God

    The Discovering God Evangelism Approach

    Discovering God approaches evangelism with the following foundational principles:


    First, our approach is theocentric. It is God-centered in purpose and design. This approach to studying the Bible focuses on the character, work and plan of God. Too often Bible teaching and study concentrate on men and women—their examples (good or bad), responsibilities, emotions, etc. These subjects are not wrong to cover, but they should never be viewed apart from the supremely important foundation of God—who He is, what He has done and what He has promised He will do. It is our prayer that this approach will guide you to work from the foundation of God’s person and let that drive everything that is taught.


    The PAGE Ministries tools are chronological studies. We study the Biblical accounts in the order they occurred, without referring to events which happened later. This is an important approach, because it enables learners to see how God revealed Himself over the centuries. This gives seekers a context for understanding the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ, once He comes on the scene.


    Our tools are Bible studies. The Bible is investigated with the understanding that it is God-breathed truth, fully authoritative in all that it says. Our opinions and ideas must be subjected to Biblical truth at all times. The learners in an outreach study must be pointed to Biblical truth, for therein God reveals Himself to them and to us.


    Finally, we offer Bible studies. What we make available is designed to facilitate a thought-provoking, tradition-challenging investigation of God’s person and redemptive plan for man. Individual learners are drawn to the Word of God through a deep personal desire to know more about Him and what He has to say in the Bible. They become participants rather than spectators. The sessions are interactive discussions rather than lectures.

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