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Discovering God

    Discovering God Discovering God is the tool helping you light the way to God for your neighbors, friends and relatives by giving them a context for understanding the gospel of God.

    Discovering God is an evangelistic Bible study, designed to introduce people to God and His marvelous redemptive plan in Jesus Christ. Starting with creation and closing with the resurrection and ascension of Christ, Discovering God spends much time in the Old Testament laying the foundation of who God is. Other emphases include the devastation caused by sin and the sovereign way God worked in history toward fulfilling His promise of deliverance.

    By the time Jesus comes on the scene in the Discovering God study, the groundwork has been laid for learners to truly understand and deeply appreciate Him as the fulfillment of God's promises. As learners trust Him, they really know what they are doing and what it means for their lives.

    For more information about the Discovering God Bible study materials and how to order them, click on any of the links below.

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