Courses In Church History

CH 601, 602, 603 Church History: Men and Movements I, II, III:  These courses are designed to study godly men and great movements. The importance of understanding God’s hand in the history of the church is a central focus and concern. The study of revival will be an area of focus as well. The historical context as well as the content of the great confessions of faith will be stressed in order to show the need for, and cost of, standing for the truth (the Nicene, Chalcedon, Heidelberg, Canons of Dort, the Westminster Confession, and the Baptist Confession of 1689). (3 credit hours each)

CH 604 The Life & Ministry of Jonathan Edwards:  This Course centers on the life and thought of Jonathan Edwards. The main areas of study include a biographical survey of Edwards, the theological and philosophical background of Edwards, his contribution to the Great Awakening, an analysis of his sermonic material, and his theological, philosophical, and ethical writing. (2 credit hours)

CH 702 Study of Revival:  Students will evaluate the theology of revival. The explosion of the first century church across Africa, Europe, and Asia; revivals under Edwards, Whitefield, and Spurgeon; and true modern revivals are examined in light of modern “methods.” (2 credit hours) Prerequisite: CH 603

CH 799 Research in Church History:  Students will study key men in church history (Athanasius, Augustine, Tyndale, Luther, Calvin, Owen, Edwards, Whitefield, Spurgeon, the Puritans, the Anabaptists, and others) under the direction of the faculty. (2 credit hours)