Biblical Counseling

Program Description:

The Biblical counseling program is designed to produce a graduate who understands and is able to lead others to a proper understanding of the all sufficiency of Christ for the living of a successful Christian life.  The graduate will be able to guide themselves and other believers through the process of Christ-centered, Spirit dependent change.   The graduate will be able to not only encourage hurting Christians through the accurate interpretation and application of Scripture, but will also be able to spur on those who are living the successful Christian life to greater depths of discernment, holiness, and the enjoyment of Christ.

Program Outcomes:

Upon graduating from the Biblical Counseling program the graduate will:

  • Be able to lead other Christians in a proper understanding of the sufficiency of Christ and His Word to bring spiritual growth in the life of the believer.
  • Be able to lead other Christians in a proper understanding and practice of Spirit-dependent change as a continual process in the believer’s life.
  • Be able to extrapolate from Scripture God’s design for marriage and family and appropriate biblical, Christ-honoring, Spirit-generated measures of encouraging growth within the familial relationships through times of blessing and trial.
  • Be able to skillfully resolve conflict within the local body of Christ between believers while leading them to strategic spiritual change through the development of right heart attitudes toward the LORD Jesus Christ first, and second, toward other people. 

Future Ministry Possibilities:

This degree prepares graduates with the skills necessary for effective counseling within a variety of volunteer local church ministries, in addition to, ministry positions that emphasize Christian counseling within local church and para-church organizations, i.e., counseling organizations, mission agencies, Christian camps and schools, and social agencies.  Graduates will be suitably positioned for further studies and certifications in the field of Biblical Counseling.

Program Course Requirements:

  • Biblical Interpretation III (3)
  • The Exegetical Process (3)
  • Theology of Biblical Change (4)
  • Methodology of Biblical Change (4)
  • Marriage and Family (4)
  • Conflict Resolution (4)
  • Counseling Observation (2)
  • Counseling Internship (3)