Tony Arnds
Professor of Bible Exposition
B.S.  Montana State University
M.Div., The Master’s Seminary

Tony received a B.S. in Animal Science from Montana State in 1988 and worked on different ranches throughout the area until his conversion to Christ in 1992. He studied at Montana Bible College from 1993 until 1997.  He received his M.Div. from The Master’s Seminary in 2001. He has served as Pastor of the Potter Valley Bible Church since 2002. Tony and his wife Tawny have three sons and two grandchildren.

Chris Bauer
Professor of Pastoral Training
Diploma, The Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music
B.A., Biola University
Attended Grace Graduate School and Western Baptist Seminary

Chris is the Senior Pastor of the Santa Rosa Bible Church in Santa Rosa, California. He is in his twenty second year of ministry there. Prior to coming to Santa Rosa, Chris served for over nine years as a church planter and first pastor of the Middletown Bible Church in Middletown, California. He served as a youth pastor in 2 different California churches for 6 years. He has preached and taught at numerous retreats and camps around the country. He has served for many years as a member of the board of directors of Biblical Ministries Worldwide in Atlanta, Georgia. He has spoken at a number of their field conferences around the world. He has served 2 terms as a member of the board of directors of the IFCA International. Chris and his wife Lorri have three children and 1 grandchild.


Kent Dresdow
Professor of Bible Exposition
B.S., The Master’s College
M.Div., The Master’s Seminary
Th.M., The Master’s Seminary
D.Min., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Kent has served as Pastor of Adult Ministries at NorthCreek Church since 2004. Before serving at NorthCreek, Kent served at The Master’s College in Southern California as the Associate Dean of Students. He holds a B.S. in Business Administration from The Master’s College (1997), a Masters of Divinity in Pastoral Ministries (2000) and a Masters of Theology in Old Testament (2004) from The Master’s Seminary, and is currently completing a Doctorate of Ministry in Preaching from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He helped to found The Master’s College satellite campus on NorthCreek’s campus, where he has taught since 2005. Kent and his wife Julie have five children.


John Fernandez
Professor of Theology & Pastoral Training
B.A., University of California, Berkeley
M.A., Talbot Theological Seminary
M.Div., The Cornerstone Seminary
D.Min., The Master’s Seminary

John began his pastoral ministry at Dartmouth Baptist Church in Dartmouth, Massachusetts in 1981. He subsequently founded and pastored Family Bible Church of Pleasanton, California and then served as Director of Adult Ministries at Community Bible Church in Vallejo. He has been Pastor of Grace Church of Napa Valley since 1994.  John taught theology at Grace School of Theology and Ministry for over 20 years and at Cornerstone Seminary since it’s founding. He has trained pastors in Russia and the Philippines. He has a B.A. from Cal in Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology and History, a M.A. in Biblical Studies from Talbot Seminary, a M.Div. from The Cornerstone Seminary and a Doctor of Ministries degree from The Master’s Seminary. John and his wife Pam were married in 1973 and have four children and fifteen grandchildren.


Phillip F. Foley
Professor of Pastoral Training
B.A., Grace School of Theology and Ministry
M.A., Trinity Theological Seminary

Phillip is Pastor at Community Bible Church in Vallejo, California, where he has served since 1996. He graduated summa cum laude from Grace School of Theology and Ministry in 2000 and received his M.A. in Theology from Trinity Theological Seminary. Phillip has developed a leadership training course for both men and women and a discipleship training manual for the discipleship ministry he oversees. Phillip has taught at pastors’ conferences in Mexico, India and South Africa. In addition, Phil has authored the following booklets and study material: Equality and Diversity: How God Has Created Men and Women Equal Yet Different; The Sufficiency of Scripture and Money: Practical Principles for Money Management; and Vision, Philosophy, and Theology: A Training Manual for Children’s Ministry Workers. Phil and his wife Becky have five children and two grandchildren.


Frank Griffith
Professor of Theology
B.S., Western Baptist College
M.A., Talbot Theological Seminary

In 1975, Frank helped establish the Grace School of Theology and Ministry, where he continues to serve today as a teacher of Theology, Bible Exposition, Spiritual Life and Greek Exegesis. During the early 1990s, Frank also taught Theology of Ministry and Preaching classes at Western Seminary in Los Gatos, California. Frank majored in New Testament Greek Exegesis at Talbot Theological Seminary, where he graduated with honors. He did further graduate studies in Theology, Old Testament Exegesis and Preaching at Golden Gate Seminary, New College, and Westminster Theological Seminary. Frank has served in pastoral positions for over 28 years. He presently serves as the Senior Pastor of Calvary Community Church in Brentwood, California, which has been his home since 1997. Frank and his wife Judy have three children and ten grandchildren.


Nick Haight
Professor of Theology
M.Div., The Cornerstone Seminary

Nick Haight is the Pastor of The Cornerstone Bible Church in Sacramento, California. The Church began in 2006 when Nick was sent out to Sacramento by the elders of Community Bible Church in Vallejo, California.  Nick received his M.Div. from The Cornerstone Seminary in Vallejo, California, in 2011.  Nick and his wife Rosita have six children. 

Cliff McManis
Professor of Theology
B.A., The Master’s College
M.Div., The Master’s Seminary
Th.M., Bible Seminary
Ph.D., Bible Seminary

Cliff is the Pastor-Teacher of Grace Bible Fellowship of the Silicon Valley, a church-plant started in 2006. Cliff has been in pastoral ministry since 1989, serving in churches in southern California, northern Utah, and southern Texas. He has also taught in six different Christian schools over the years. Cliff has authored several books including Christian Living Beyond Belief, Biblical Apologetics and Rescued by Grace. His teaching and preaching ministry to pastors extends internationally to Irpin Seminary in Kiev, Biblical Seminary in Novosibirsk, Siberia, Tenali India, Ghana Africa and Honduras. He is a member of the Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals (FIRE), the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS), and the International Society of Christian Apologetics (ISCA). He has been teaching Apologetics and Bible Exposition at The Cornerstone Seminary since 2007. Cliff and his wife Debbie have four children and reside in the Silicon Valley area. 


Scott Menez
Professor of Pastoral Training
B.Th., The Cornerstone Seminary

Scott Menez is the teaching pastor and shepherd at Riverbend Community Church in Ormond Beach, Florida. Born and raised in Walnut Creek, California, Scott became a believer at a young age. He has been church planting for over 25 years in the rural parts of Northern California. At the age of 40 Scott returned to seminary and graduated from The Cornerstone Seminary in Vallejo, California. He has had a passion to train men here in the States as well as train pastors overseas in such countries as the Philippines, India, Russia, and Mexico. Scott is been married to Gina and they have four boys.

Greg Reed
Professor of World Missions
B.A., Toccoa Falls College
M.Div., The Cornerstone Seminary

Greg serves as an elder over World Missions as well as a co-leader of the adult training ministry at Community Bible Church. In the last twenty years, he has partnered in the training and equipping of pastors and leaders of Mexico, Uganda, Sudan, India and the Philippines.    He holds a B.A. in Missions from Toccoa Falls College (1986), a Masters of Divinity from the Cornerstone Seminary (2009), and is currently completing a Doctorate in Old Testament from Bible Baptist Seminary. Greg and his wife DJ have three children.


Ryan Rippee
Professor of Theology
B.A., University of California at Davis
M.Div., The Cornerstone Seminary
Ph.D., The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (expected 2016)

Ryan has been serving as a pastor at Calvary Community Church since January 2005. Prior to his ministry at Calvary, Ryan led student ministries at Grace Church of Napa Valley (2000-2004). He received his B.A. degree from the University of California at Davis in History (1999), his M.Div. from The Cornerstone Seminary (2007), and is enrolled in the research Ph.D. program at Southern Seminary with an emphasis in Biblical Spirituality (2016). He is a professor at The Cornerstone Bible College and Seminary, where he teaches Church History and Worship. He and his wife Jennafer have five children (Gavin, Delaney, Liam, Caedmon, and Ainsley). 

Tony Sanelli
Professor of Theology
B.Th., The Master’s Seminary

Tony Sanelli is the founding Pastor-Teacher of Grace Bible Church in Pleasant Hill, California. Born in Central America, he arrived in the United States at an early age and came to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ in 1979. He first sensed the call to preach and teach when leading a Bible study for a San Francisco Bay Area musical group. This desire soon led to an internship and church planting. Since his ordination to the ministry in 1990, Tony has served as a youth pastor, worship leader, church administrator and pastor-teacher. His ministry is driven by the desire to preach and exposit the Scriptures with biblical accuracy, a Christ-centered focus, and pastoral concern. Tony received a Bachelor of Theology degree from The Master’s Seminary in Southern California. In conjunction with his ministry at Grace Bible Church, he also teaches at and serves as president of Grace School of Theology and Ministry. He speaks at various conferences and camps. Tony and his wife Sheri have three children.


Greg Stoever
Professor of Theology
B.A., University of Oklahoma
M.Div., The Master’s Seminary

Greg has been serving as Pastor-Teacher at River City Grace Community Church in Sacramento since the beginning of 2000. Prior to that he served as an intern at Grace Community Church in Los Angeles while he was in seminary. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from TMS, he served for almost 10 years as a Youth Pastor and Associate Pastor at a church in Simi Valley, CA. Greg is also involved with preaching and teaching ministries in Haiti as well as the European Bible Training Centers in Berlin, Germany and Zurich, Switzerland. He and his wife Laurie have four children.


Doug Thompson
Professor of Theology
B.A., Los Angeles Baptist College
M.Div., Whitefield Theological Seminary (in process)

Doug graduated from Los Angeles Baptist College, now The Master’s University, in 1982 and went on to study at Talbot Seminary and Whitefield Theological Seminary. He was Director of Counseling at the Grace To You ministry with Dr. John MacArthur. After 7 years as the founding pastor of The Bridge Bible Fellowship in Reseda, Ca., he accepted the call to pastor Middletown Bible Church where he has served for 27 years. He has trained pastors in Romania, Mexico, the Philippines, Uganda, and India and has served as a professor at the LOGOS Bible Study Center, Grace School of Theology and Ministry, and The Cornerstone Seminary. He has been published in Reformation and Revival Journal. Doug and his wife Janice have been married 40 years and have four children and five grandsons.

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