Academic Requirements

Master of Divinity Degree Students

Students entering into the Master of Divinity Degree program are required to hold a bachelor’s degree, or its equivalent, with a grade point average of 2.75 or above on a 4.0 scale. Students not meeting grade point requirements may be admitted on a provisional basis and evaluated at the end of the first quarter of attendance.

Diploma and Bachelor Students

A select number of applicants who do not hold a bachelor’s degree, or its equivalent, may enter The Cornerstone Seminary to obtain a Diploma of Theology or a Bachelor of Theology depending upon how many undergraduate college credits they have. In these cases, the Seminary will evaluate the student’s academic and life experiences to ensure adequate preparation for graduate study. If admitted, these students’ academic progress will be monitored and evaluated after the first quarter of study. The requirements for receiving a diploma or bachelor degree are the same as the requirements for receiving a Master degree in this program.

Credit Students

Applicants seeking to take courses offered for credit, but not complete the Master of Divinity program, will be designated as Credit Students. Admission procedures for Credit Students are the same as regular students.

Non-Credit Students (Audit Students)

Summer elective courses are available to the student body to fulfill elective requirements. These courses are also open to be audited by students and non-students who are pastors, church leaders, or aspiring seminarians. Other than these courses students also may audit any elective course that is offered. Required courses may not be audited. Applicants seeking to take courses as non-credit students will be allowed to sit in classes providing they have the approval of the professor and seats are available for credit students. Audit applicants must complete a registration form, have the instructor sign the form, return that form to the Registrar’s office, pay the appropriate fees, and then attend class. Itis understood that the audit student is only an observer, and may not take the instructor’s time from regular students. Exceptions to these rules may only be made by approval of the Academic Dean.

Greek Prerequisite

All students are expected to have completed an undergraduate course in Elementary Greek prior to enrollment. All who have done so are required to pass a Greek proficiency exam in September before classes start. For those who have not completed the course, the seminary offers Elementary Greek in the summer and throughout the year. These courses do not count toward the 150 credit hours required for graduation and are not factored into the student’s grade point average.