Academic Policies

The Cornerstone Seminary Academic Catalog is the primary means the seminary communicates policies, procedures, and regulations affecting tuition, admission, registration, graduation, or withdrawal. A second source is the student handbook which students should receive at initial orientation. All students have both the right and the responsibility to know these policies and procedures. The seminary shall not initiate and implement academic policies, procedures, standards, and regulations without approval of the Board of Directors.

Course Requirements

Instructors outline course requirements, including special assignments and examinations, at the beginning of each course. Students are expected to complete assignments on the days assigned. The instructor must approve any change.


Attendance will be taken, and students are required to be prompt and attend all classes. Absences do occur, however, and are handled as follows: There are two categories of absence: unexcused and excused.

Unexcused absence for the equivalent of one week of class time for any class is allowed without penalty to provide for personal issues or ministry opportunities. Every effort is made to assist students who are providentially hindered from attending classes. The student is responsible for notifying the instructor of his absence and for contacting the instructor to arrange for all make-up work. Professors, however, are not under obligation to review missed assignments or provide supplementary instruction. Whenever possible the student should consult with the professor for any instructions or assignments in advance of a foreseeable absence.

Excused absences are those resulting from extenuating circumstances such as personal illness, jury duty, active military services, death in the immediate family, or previously scheduled ministry activity. In no case may the total number of absences (excused and unexcused) for any course exceed the equivalent of three weeks of class time. When absences exceed this limit, a grade of W, WP, WF, or F is required as appropriate. Individual faculty may have additional penalties or policies that are course specific due to the nature of the class requirements.

Academic Honors

Any student who completes at least his last fifty hours of his degree program at The Cornerstone Seminary is eligible to graduate with honors. Academic honors are as follows: Cum Laude 3.7-3.799; Magna Cum Laude, 3.800-3.899; Summa Cum Laude 3.9-4.300.

Grading System

To distinguish various levels of achievement in the mastery of subject material, in effectiveness of research, in fulfillment of assignments and responsibilities, or in improvement in personal and ministry skills, as appropriate for each course, the Seminary employs the following grading symbols:

  • A+, A and A- = Exceptional achievement
  • B+, B, and B- = Above average achievement
  • C+, C, and C- = Fair or average achievement
  • D+, D, and D- = Below average, minimally acceptable achievement
  • F = Unacceptable achievement, failure
  • I = Incomplete work
  • W = Withdrawal during the first through the fourth weeks of regular quarter

Grade points are awarded according to the following scale:

  • 100-99 A+ = 4.3 points for each semester hour
  • 98-96 A = 4 points for each semester hour
  • 95-93 A- = 3.7 points
  • 92-91 B+ = 3.3 points
  • 90-88 B = 3 points
  • 87-86 B- = 2.7 points
  • 85-83 C+ = 2.3 points
  • 82-80 C = 2 points
  • 79-77 C- = 1.7 points
  • 76-75 D+ = 1.3 points
  • 74-72 D = 1 point
  • 71-70 D- = .07 points
  • 69-00 F = 0 points
  • I = Not counted until changed

Required courses in which a student receives an F must be retaken in order to fulfill graduation requirements. (Review additional Academic Requirements for Completion in each program of study.) Courses in which a student receives a C or D may be retaken, but not courses in which the student receives a B- or higher.

Incomplete Course Work

The Seminary recognizes that a student may be providentially hindered (by extended illness, death in the family, etc.) from completing a course on time. In such cases, an incomplete (I) grade may be given. To receive an incomplete grade, the student must secure the instructor’s approval before the last day of the class. If approval is granted, the student will be required to submit the late work to the instructor within 10 weeks from the last day of final exams. The instructor will use a grade sheet to provide written notice of this approval to the Registrar.

To have an incomplete grade removed from his or her record, the student is responsible to submit the late work to the instructor on time as required. The instructor will notify the Registrar in writing of the grade change. If the deadline passes without the work being completed, the grade will automatically be changed from the incomplete (I) grade to an F, and written notification of the grade change will be sent to the student and the instructor.