Paterology: Doctrine of God the Father (ST 715)


We are excited to offer Paterology: Doctrine of God the Father (ST 715) as our winter elective.

This class will be taught by our President, Dr. Ryan Rippee, and will run December 10-13, 8:30am-3:30pm.

Students will be able to enroll in the class for credit, but we are also allowing all friends of TCBS to audit the class for only $50.

Below is a description of the class.

Through a biblical and exegetical study of the Father’s roles and works from eternity past to eternity future, this class will develop a doctrine of God the Father: a Paterology.

This class will begin with 1) the Father’s existence and 2) work of planning all things from eternity past, moving on to his work of 3) creating and preserving the heavens and earth, continuing through 4) the Father’s providing of salvation in redemptive history through the sending of his Son and 5) his producing of salvation in his elect and the conviction of the world through the pouring out of the Holy Spirit, concluding with 6) the Father’s work of perfecting creation and salvation through judgment and the restoration of all things. Finally, this class will reflect on 7) worship as the proper response to the Father’s work through the Son and Spirit.

Students, if you are interested in enrolling in ST 715, please register in your Populi account.

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