History of American Preaching

We are pleased to announce the 2018 Winter Elective: History of American Preaching with Dr. Ryan Rippee. The course will be held December 3rd through 7th. Here is a description: 

By analyzing a select number of American preachers and their preaching, this course is an examination of the effect of preaching on American churches and society from the Puritan era to the present. Some time is also given to the consideration of important movements and circumstances which significantly influenced American preaching.

A knowledge of history helps us better understand our own experience, for the things we do have roots, and if not roots, parallels in the past. Understanding those roots and parallels helps us better understand ourselves and our times. This is surely true of public discourse in general; it is also true of the effects of pulpit discourse in both the American church and the American society. Thus, this study will help reveal the inter-relationship between the course of American history and the events of the American pulpit.

The course is open to both seminary and college students, as well as alumni and others interested in auditing. For more information, please email: registrar@tcbs.org